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General Discussion / Re: Jerry Falwell Jr. takes leave of absence
« Last post by writingprof on Today at 06:36:08 AM »
This is an interesting story.  The photo itself (easily viewable online) is "racy" in only the mildest sense of the word.  Yet it's reasonable to argue that Falwell should be held to the same standard to which Liberty holds its students.  Could one of them post such a picture without consequence?  I honestly don't know, but it seems to me unlikely.

That said, I'm reminded of moments when conservatives cheer a progressive's descent into #MeToo hell, or a progressive's "cancellation."  No, no, no.  If an ideology is illegitimate, it's illegitimate whether it's attacking one's friends or one's enemies.  Leftists should take note.  If you don't like Liberty-style anti-intellectual Christianist legalism, you shouldn't like it when it eats Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Sorry, I missed the part where you proved or even provided suggestive evidence that your friend's race was the cause of this treatment.  As you may recall from the old fora, many white Ph.D. candidates can tell similar stories of arbitrary rule in doctoral programs.  Not every bad thing that happens to a "B"lack person is due to anti-"B"lackness.  Assuming a causal relationship where non exists is sloppy thinking.  Try to knock it off. 

Give me a break, buddy. You shouldn't go around discussions applying stronger standards of evidence to your interlocutors than you're willing to apply to yourself.

It's entirely possible my friend is an illiterate moron whose work just isn't up to snuff. I know that's not the case, however, so I can easily dismiss that explanation. Since I'm acquainted with people in that department, and know some of the (explicitly racist) things that were said to and about her, I can start to form my own conclusions.

Ah. Congratulations. Your argument that "B"lack people are persecuted in graduate school has now risen to the level of anecdote. That's certainly a step in the right direction.

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask as a white person that if you are going to say identity is the most important aspect of all of us, the reason a VP pick should be chosen, the reason someone should get a job or get admitted to a school, the reason you're allowed to be outside during covid 19 or not, the reason why certain people should be asked to be silent on certain issues and the reason why others should be heard no matter what they say, you should at least have an easily understandable standard of what that thing is.

So, so true.
General Discussion / Re: Haint Blue
« Last post by sinenomine on Today at 05:41:05 AM »
My useless bits of trivia are that it's really common in the south to paint the ceiling over your porch a pale blue color. 
Not sure why, but it does seem to be regional.
Other useless trivia is that the paint was traditionally "milk paint" which is lye mixed in milk and any added color you want.  Indigo dye is water soluble and would give a nice blue color.

The conventional explanation for the blue porch paint is that it supposedly deters insects.
General Discussion / Re: Haint Blue
« Last post by nebo113 on Today at 04:55:28 AM »
Re: blue gum GEECHEES

There are folks about with blue gums nowadays but I think that is caused by cocaine use.

Oh, I get Coulter's point. OJ's acquittal represented a shift. The resentment is there for all to see. In the meantime many of us have had OJ moments in our private lives with that moment where you see that someone hates you because of your skin color.
But white guilt and sweeping black on white racism under the rug are still alive and well and big business in academia. It's gives one a skewed picture of what really goes on, of course. Perhaps interesting, as faculty get ready for fall by wondering if there's going to be one, diversity and inclusion staff all across the nation get the shot in the arm from George Floyd and the four policemen. And Robin D'Angelo gets a second wind. What do you think she gets for a fee these days? Bonanza. And please, let's not expose naïveté by trying to deny it.
Another thing getting swept under the rug -- how do all the white guilt orgies help Black America with its challenges and pain? (Answer?: not our problem?)
General Discussion / Re: K-12 fall plans
« Last post by kaysixteen on August 07, 2020, 10:42:49 PM »
Lots of people could do a job that is better/ more advanced, etc., than the one they got now, but there ain't enough jobs in many if not most of these more sophisticated areas than folks who could and would take em.  One might believe one is so superior that one will certainly beat the odds, etc., but, well.... maybe so, maybe not.  What exactly, and I am trying, I guess, to give you a chance to explain yourself, would be the contingency plans most of these lower-income people should have, how could they get such a contingency in place, etc.?
General Discussion / Re: Preparing for Coronavirus?
« Last post by Vkw10 on August 07, 2020, 08:01:50 PM »
Word from the provost level:  We will NOT let a class go online IF a student in a class is positive.  The word continues, that faculty will NOT quarentine for 14 days IF a student is in class and turns up positive.

Frankly, I am concerned.

This is very concerning. We are not allowed to tell students if someone tests positive.

We were told that we are required to report if an employee, including student worker, tests positive. In same meeting, a different speaker told us that we are not allowed to report if a student has tested positive, but we should encourage student to self-report. I’m confused.
General Discussion / Re: Twitter drama: fake persona, covid, and #metoo
« Last post by marshwiggle on August 07, 2020, 07:52:32 PM »
I think it's because you are not Black that you don't know the many ways in which your professional life would be harder. To cite a minor one, you'd encounter people like yourself, people are oblivious to the bigotry and bias that Black people encounter at every level of professional life, and think that Blackness is an advantage.

Tell that to Rachel Dolezal. If there really is an immutable, one-way direction of discrimination, then no-one with "privilege" should ever WANT to "incorrectly" self-identify as belonging to some "oppressed" group. So there would be no reason to disallow it.

That's one rare example. If you put that much weight on a single case in other parts of your life, then I've got all sorts of snake oil I'd love to sell you!

How about Elizabeth Warren?

General Discussion / Re: the "things you wish you could say" thread
« Last post by Vkw10 on August 07, 2020, 07:49:31 PM »
Everyone declined your meeting request because you didn’t bother to check calendars. That’s why everyone declined your last meeting, too. We will all decline the one you sent this time, too, since it’s during the general faculty meeting. By the way, you’re on the agenda for the general faculty meeting. You might want to put it on your calendar.
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