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Anyone here an embroidery expert? I have done some basic stuff (the usual charted things), but I recently saw some tambour work and I'm quite intrigued. Seems similar to Aari work from India. I've watched some youtube clips but I'm interested to know if anyone here does it?
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by bacardiandlime on March 31, 2020, 01:12:00 AM »
How are things now, backatit?
General Discussion / Re: Summer 2020 plans!! Whatchya gonna do??
« Last post by DrSomebody on March 30, 2020, 11:28:24 PM »
Well, if this lasted until fall, some of us wouldn't have jobs, for sure, so it's a good thing that isn't extremely likely. Also, there are some diseases without vaccines that we have been able to continue on with. I guess I just don't see things as foreboding for as long as many do, but being stuck inside for weeks or months at a time does cause people to look at the dark side, I suppose. But my understanding from the beginning was that the major goal of social distancing was to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed. As a whole, this virus is not a killer to the majority of people, so as long as it can be spaced out, then it can be treated. I have been following one of the major modeling sites: That being said, of course I've had to delay my annual May/graduation trip I take each year to some foreign destination. This year's Middle Eastern destination doesn't even have open borders if I wanted to go, but I am rescheduling that trip to a period right before when school starts, so late July/early August. My major domestic trip, to Hawaii, a place I would now be quarantined, was to be late July, and I will attempt to reschedule for early July, if possible. So it looks like I'll be cramming my elongated summer travel into the few weeks before school starts, but after months of sitting at home, I think I won't mind. I sure hope the models are correct--or better--and that people are able to believe and hope. It seems like everything I see and hear now is all about numbers of deaths (without context) and everything bad, almost as if to scare us into locking ourselves away. I am not going anywhere for a while, but I intend to get out eventually!
General Discussion / Re: Preparing for Coronavirus?
« Last post by science.expat on March 30, 2020, 10:30:49 PM »
It’s much more important that health workers have masks than members of the public.
General Discussion / Re: Water Cooler Chit Chat
« Last post by namazu on March 30, 2020, 09:08:30 PM »
The wifey and I have been spending evenings watching episodes of Schitt's Creek, which we are finding to be amazingly funny.
We've also had this queued up and have been meaning to watch it, but haven't gotten to it yet.  Glad you're enjoying it!
General Discussion / Re: Summer 2020 plans!! Whatchya gonna do??
« Last post by Scotia on March 30, 2020, 09:05:24 PM »
When (if) I get home from my current travels I will be staying there!

I have had enough adventures a long way from home in the last two and a half weeks while trying to sort out getting home to kill all desire to stray far, at least for a few months, and I certainly don't want to get on a plane. Fortunately my booking on a flight home this weekend seems to be stable, after two earlier cancellations.
General Discussion / Re: Water Cooler Chit Chat
« Last post by polly_mer on March 30, 2020, 08:47:06 PM »
soil for toxic plants

We're in the market for an aloe vera plant.  I'll take that soil, thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Water Cooler Chit Chat
« Last post by evil_physics_witchcraft on March 30, 2020, 08:42:33 PM »
How about some berry scones? Yum!
General Discussion / Re: Water Cooler Chit Chat
« Last post by mamselle on March 30, 2020, 08:33:59 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Water Cooler Chit Chat
« Last post by mahagonny on March 30, 2020, 07:59:31 PM »
soil for toxic plants
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