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Validation Thread
« on: June 26, 2019, 08:46:05 PM »
I thought that a validation thread is required here as well, since people are always in need of validation.

To start it, I will quote the first post of my original Validation Thread:

Have you hit on the Dean's spouse?  Had an affair with an undergrad?  Sent love poems to a professor?  Emailed the search committee chair every day?  Contacted potential advisers using text-speak?  Admitted to fraud to get back at your ex?  Viewed porn in your shared office? 

If you've done any of those, or worse, don't go posting on your own threads and have to suffer the scorn and snark of the many forumites that don't understand.  Post here and I'll confirm that every single thing you've done, or want to do, is absolutely right and good, and the best idea you can think of. 

Validation is guaranteed, no matter what you've done or want to do.

This Guarantee is only good as long as the action is legal.  The OP reserves the right to deny validation for actions that may result in lawsuits/jail time/death penalty.

So, people, please only post here if you either want to receive validation or validate somebody.
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