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Spring Break 2023

Started by lightning, March 05, 2023, 12:23:12 PM

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'round the horn

Whatcha all doin' for spring break 2023?

Me? Nothin' because I've been traveling so much for the past 12 months, I'm kind of burnt out on travel. I just want to sit still in one place, for a week. I'll probably tend to my lawn and finish my taxes, if I want to feel productive. And, I'll probably binge watch something.


Trip to Spain/Portugal. Rescheduled 4 times since its original date of June 2020.


Quote from: ciao_yall on March 05, 2023, 12:43:05 PM
Trip to Spain/Portugal. Rescheduled 4 times since its original date of June 2020.

Sounds fun!!!


Dissertating! It won't be enough to finish the draft, but a few days of uninterrupted work will be amazing.


Staying home, and going to campus a couple days for in-person meetings — somehow, Spring Break is coinciding with a Board of Trustees meeting. But I'll stay home as much as possible and will enjoy sleeping in.
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Working out in "the real world," so no spring break.  No finals weeks either, so it's an entirely fair trade.
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Staying home, watching college basketball and old movies, and crocheting.  I'd like to work in the yard, too, if it's nice, but it usually rains/snows/is cold here every year when I'm on spring break.


We are off to the Big Apple for a few days to celebrate Mr. Buster's birthday. We have tickets to the Muse concert while there. I'm pondering which Broadway show to see as well. I'm mulling between Moulin Rouge (fun pop-culture spectacle), Little Shop of Horrors (a classic I've never seen live), and Fosse's Dancin'. I know which one Mamselle would have voted for.


It has started! 
Spring Break!
And I didnt even leave the house!
I had planned to go ot the office and submit a paper to the journal (finally), but didnt get there today!

I watch a show on YouTube on Saturdays for a game Id like to play. I ate too much leftovers for lunch and then had a snack too, so I overdid it and had to go take a nap after. 

But TOMORROW! I WILL go to the office and get this done.  I need to go back on Monday to get some computer repair work  done or started so that I can get the machine back.

Then I will deal with a lot of financial issues that have backed up!  In the end, I hope to have my taxes ready or well underway by the end of the week.

I have a dead Magnolia that needs to come out, and I want to plant a small fig tree in its place.  That will take a bit of effort. The ground here is primarily clay.  When wet, it sticks and is heavy. When dry (as it is now) it is brick hard!  So either way, I guess that it will provide some exercise! 

Time change tonight, but I doubt that will have much of a change in my existence for a week or so.
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I know it's a genus.


QuoteI don't get one.

It is to some extent, a state of mind!  Everyone CAN get one.  It may be just a day or a weekend! 

I have even been thinking of going to see maybe even 3 movies this week! 
I havent been to a movie theater more than 2 times since COVID!  So that would be a real change!
"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am"  Darth Vader


We have some house projects that will, hopefully, be done over the break. I also plan to concentrate on relaxing, being mindful, exercising and possibly some yoga. Oh, and I need to start my seeds!


Today is dedicated to getting everything I have to do in my task capture system and create a plan.

And then, a Schedule.

Drinking may be involved.
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Quote from: FishProf on March 13, 2023, 07:20:23 AM
Today is dedicated to getting everything I have to do in my task capture system and create a plan.

Is a task capture system a higher tech version of a to do list?

Today was for recuperating.  Tomorrow I'll write my to do list.  Stickers will probably be involved.
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I didnt feel great on Saturday.
Sunday I went to the office. I was hoping to get a paper submitted to a journal (something I have been trying to accomplish since the end of December).  However, I hit yet another unexpected question htat I was unable to answer.
Today I went to the Library and was able to get some help and FINALLY submitted the paper! 

Weather wise, it is not different from the last few years.  The first day of Spring Break (maybe because the weather HATES the time changes!) has been cold, windy and sprinkling rain. 

Over the weekend we tied the record high (of 91!)  Today, it was 66, windy and had some rain! 

Im sure that by the weekend, once Srping Break has ended, the weather will return to nice! 

Tomorrow I go back to the office. I need to back up the hard drive, and then turn my computer in to get it fixed.  I may or may not get a loaner, but even if I dont, I wont push it for 2 weeks! 

Saturday we have to drive about 5 hours, but we have reservations in Galvaston!  We leave on a cruise Sunday morning! 
It didnt dawn on me that I needed a hotel room until a few days ago... Then I realized that I was looking for a hotel room in Galvaston During Spring Break!!      I got a room.  The alternative scared me!  I have heard that it may have taken A LOT longer to drive to the port fighting the Spring Break Beach/fun drivers!  So better to leave on Saturday, stay the night (at an overpriced) hotel and not have to drive much longer than it should before I can get on board the ship to start my relaxation! 
"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am"  Darth Vader