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General Discussion / Re: the "things you wish you could say" thread
« Last post by AmLitHist on Today at 06:41:08 AM »

(Word is that they'll be checking log-in ISPs, and anyone logging in from home will be up for a disciplinary/insubordination letter in their HR file.)

What a ridiculous policy! Time for everyone to start using a VPN-- you can always be "on" campus.

This is a case where the faculty need to unite and push back.  Otherwise, look forward to more of same.

We (via our strong union) have done so, over the past 7=8 years.  This particular lunacy is actually one of the more mundane "more of same" things.

Morale has been horrible for the past decade, to the point it's nearly nonexistent these days.  Those who could, took the recent early buyout, but it was like the one a few years ago (i.e., laughable money and/or insurance incentives).  Still, if one was ready to retire anyway, it was a little cash on the way out. 

The rationale is that, clearly, if we aren't physically where they can watch us, then we can't be working and are obviously stealing from the company.  Of course, nobody wants to hear about all the time we're working at home on evenings, weekends, holidays, et al., beyond our scheduled office hours.

We did get a bit of a break this week:  a campus edict was delivered saying that for the remainder of Fall, we can do 6 of our mandatory 10 on-campus weekly office hours virtually (and English people, who must do 13 hours a week, can now do 8 of those virtually).  Woo-fucking-hoo.  For years I've kept a log of student office-hours visits/consults, and my last one was online in Spring 2018. I am not joking.

(I won't get into too much detail, but this same "you must be on campus so we can watch you" crap is the basis of their denial of my ADA request this fall. They can explain that one to the EEOC.)

Yes, friends, I know:  I've got to get out of here.  I could retire now, but at 60, it's too far from here to Medicare. My absolute earliest option (because if I wait, I will take a partial lump-sum of about $170K from my pension, and still have nice monthly payments) is January 2024, though I need to still wait until the following January til I can get Medicare coverage.

The thing is, I like my students, by-and-large.  There are always a few wingnuts, but especially during the pandemic, I've had mostly students who are earnest and focused and engaged--they know they need what we have to offer. (This hasn't always been the case at our CC.) But it's damned hard to keep giving my best to them with the constant Admin BS in the background.

TL; DR version:  be glad y'all don't work where I work.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by Langue_doc on Today at 06:25:29 AM »
Good morning!

QB already! Familiar words all.


Happy solving, all!
General Discussion / Re: Adult Vacinations
« Last post by AmLitHist on Today at 06:10:39 AM »
We get flu shots every year, and I've never had a reaction.

Tetanus shots are the worst for me:  a really sore arm and feel like I've been hit by a bus for 2-3 days.  I also got a measles shot several times as an adult, most recently a couple of years ago (because every time I'd have a titer drawn when pregnant, I haven't shown immunity); I had the same hit-by-a-bus, plus about 100 degree fever, after each time.  (I haven't had a titer since then, so not sure if the last one "took.")

I got the "regular" pneumonia shot when diagnosed with diabetes in 2019, and in talking with my doctor this past week, got the Prevnar-13 on Monday. I felt a little rough for a couple of days, but not too bad.

I got a pertussis (whooping cough) booster a few years ago, since my original kid-age shots' immunity was likely gone, and there was an outbreak in the area and on our campuses.

I don't think I'm immune to smallpox, though I had several doses of the shot as a baby/kid. Everyone I knew had that scar on the back of the upper arm, but I don't have one. I guess they don't even give that shot anymore, since smallpox has been gone from the US for so long now.

I can't remember if I got the meningitis shot about 10 years ago, or not; I know I'd thought about it because, again, it was around our campuses.

And we got the Moderna doses back in the spring.  The first was OK, but the second laid me low for a week or so.
General Discussion / Re: Adult Vacinations
« Last post by spork on Today at 04:22:58 AM »
where does one get Japanese B encephaliitis?   I have never seen vaxxes for this condition available around here?

Wrt the hep vaxxes, did you take these vaxxes on your own initiative, or did your doc tell you to do so?  I am going to ask my doc the next time I see him, if there might be any vaxxes left I ought to take?

Many of my vaccinations were preparation for time spent abroad. Many U.S. states require entering college students to be vaccinated against Hep B and meningococcal meningitis. In my opinion, U.S. adults without contraindications should get influenza, coronavirus, Tdap, pneumonia, and Hep B vaccines. Shingrix if they've had chicken pox. And any of the standard vaccines for childhood diseases, like MMR, if they didn't get them as children or are at high risk.
General Discussion / Re: Cancelling Dr. Seuss
« Last post by mahagonny on Today at 03:56:06 AM »
OK, we are worlds apart. I can stop there at this time. We both accept that neither will persuade the other.

ETA: for what it's worth, something you don't know about me: I am scared to death of what is happening in our country.

I have only become aware of Peter Boghossian recently. This brief interview sounds like a sane, experienced person identifying real problems.
Suggestions, Comments, Questions / Re: How do we....
« Last post by namazu on Today at 02:20:44 AM »
How do we send a link to a friend who might be interested in joining?
There's no special link. 

Just direct them to and tell them to register an account so they can read all the subfora.  The link to register will appear near the top of the page near the login box.

If they want to post, the first post is now subject to moderator approval (as a spam-busting feature).
General Discussion / Re: Adult Vaccinations
« Last post by namazu on Today at 02:09:29 AM »
where does one get Japanese B encephaliitis?   I have never seen vaxxes for this condition available around here?
In the U.S., you can get the vaccine from travel clinics and sometimes elsewhere.  But it's not recommended unless you're traveling to areas (in South and East Asia) where Japanese encephalitis circulates.

clean, TDaP = tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (whooping cough).
General Discussion / Re: Adult Vacinations
« Last post by kaysixteen on September 18, 2021, 10:46:00 PM »
where does one get Japanese B encephaliitis?   I have never seen vaxxes for this condition available around here?

Wrt the hep vaxxes, did you take these vaxxes on your own initiative, or did your doc tell you to do so?  I am going to ask my doc the next time I see him, if there might be any vaxxes left I ought to take?   
General Discussion / Re: Cancelling Dr. Seuss
« Last post by little bongo on September 18, 2021, 10:19:14 PM »

I don't believe you.

Now I know I have a heart. I can feel it breaking.

[/quote] I find it frankly astonishing that you could be that worried about what the republicans might do, given the alternative of wokeism as federal policy.

Now see, i would tell you the exact opposite: "... that you could be that worried about wokeism as federal policy, give the alternative of what the republicans might do." Some people are different than you, studhoss.

[/quote]If we were to tell him students with green skin spend, on the average, 14 hours per week high on cannabis, and spend on average three hours a day on social media, and read at a third grade level, while people with purple skin spend four hours a month high on cannabis, use social media 20 minutes per day, and read at high school senior level, and therefore, high school seniors should put down the hash pipe and cell phone and study, his only response would be you are picking on green-skinned kids.[/quote]

Wow, you took the long way around the garden path to make that (rather dubious) point.

[/quote]It's impossible for me to believe anyone with enough work ethic to earn a PhD, even in my field, which has a lot of fakers, does not understand he's a snake oil salesman.[/quote]

Look, Skeezix, I lived through the time period I mentioned, read a butt-load of presidential tweets, listened to and watched a lot of press conferences, read other related materials along the way, made some decisions and came to some conclusions. And so did you. We came to different ones. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe you're wrong. Given what I've read of your posts over the past... pretty long time, I won't say I'm "frankly astonished" by the conclusions you've come to. But given your recent rants about rap music and garbage culture, and wishing cancer upon a controversial influential academic, I will say you've got a pair of brass ones to lecture me about what snake-oil salesman I choose to buy from, if indeed the term "snake-oil salesman" applies.

General Discussion / Re: What's your weather?
« Last post by Vkw10 on September 18, 2021, 07:56:23 PM »
High was 97 today. Expecting low of 70 tonight. Great for morning walks and afternoon swims.
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