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Movies you have seen 10 or more times

Started by onthefringe, July 21, 2021, 05:26:17 PM

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I'd love to see the types of movies that people go back to over and over again. They don't need to be good, and it might be fun to include why you have seen them so many times. I'll start with a few of mine:

Reason: I have a child who watched it obsessively
Movie(s): Lady and the Tramp, Finding Nemo

Reason: I am a child of the 80's and my friends rented it obsessively or managed to record it on VHS
Movie(s): The Breakfast Club, About Last Night,

Reason: Fringehusband and I watch every Christmas or New Year's eve
Movie: A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, When Harry met Sally

Reason: Movies I will go out of my way to see because I love them
Movie(s): The Princess Bride, North by Northwest, Bull Durham

Reason: ???
Movie: Dead Again (Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson

Anyone else?


Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure -- One of the best movies to smoke the wacky weed with when I was younger.

Escape from New York -- See above reason and "Call me Snake."

Oedipus the King with Michael Pennington and Claire Bloom -- Because our Comp. II is lit.-based.

The Greatest Showman -- My kids have an odd obsession with the film.

Just about any Barbie movie -- We have four daughters, and my sister-in-law is evil.
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The Great Escape: one I watch everybody time I see it scheduled

Dead Again: I watched it over and over in grad school and still love it

Pirate Radio: always makes me smile

There are lots more, but those three were the first to pop into my head. I enjoy rewatching favorite movies the same way I enjoy rereading favorite books.
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--Four Weddings and a Funeral, at least 35 times. A riot and for its realism!
--The Fabulous Baker Boys, at least 20 times, for looking at Michelle Pfeiffer.
--North by Northwest, maybe 15 times, for the scenes on the train, not the airplane chemical dusting.
--The Americanization of Emily, maybe 15 times, the first 20 minutes or so, for its riotousness and realism!
--My Cousin Vinny, maybe 15 times, for its riotousness and realism.
--The Magnificent Seven, maybe 15 times for its non-treacly moralism.

I remember as a child, maybe six or seven years old, going to a children's movie in the morning. [Yes, kids were sent out alone in those days.] Around noon, the movie was changed, and an usher came to me, saying I had to leave on account "a foreign picture" was coming up. Since then, I've always had an interest in "foreign pictures"!

Have seen many, but none so often as those above.

That's not even wrong!
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(Skipping the kid films we watched mostly because he liked them, plus films I used to teach.)

Animated films I adore and have watched countless, countless times:
Spirited Away--every frame is captivating, and I may have watched this more than all the others on this list combined. Might watch it again tonight, too.
My Neighbor Totoro
The Incredibles
The Iron Giant
The Triplets of Belleville
Chicken Run

original Star Wars trilogy--this was regular late-night viewing for years at our house, aka "wanna watch Luke fight evil?"
Galaxy Quest--way, way better than it has any right to be

Other happy places:
Moonstruck--John Patrick Shanley is a screenwriting genius
Roman Holiday--Hepburn+Wyler makes me happy and this is my favorite, although How to Steal a Million is almost as good
The Princess Bride--played constantly in my college dorm and I've worn out a couple of copies since
A Room with a View--inject vintage Merchant Ivory directly into my veins

I would rather, and often do, rewatch any of these in place of watching something new. Thus there are a lot of holes in my more recent cinema viewing.
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What a fun thread!

It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story: we watch them every holiday.
The Breakfast Club and Say Anything: yup, child of the 80s.
The Princess Bride: umm, needs no justification

Hoosiers: I can't really explain it b/c I don't really like basketball; I think it's nostalgia from watching with my dad as a a kid. I cry every time I watch this movie--I have never managed to get my SO to sit through it.

Stand By Me: My dad is a horror novel buff, and introduced us to Stephen King (among many other horror writers) early on.  I think this may have been one of the few movie adaptations I saw before reading the book (novella in this case), and I think it's better than the novella due to the chemistry among the child actors.

Lord of the Rings (series; extended cuts): SO's favorite movies.  We binge the movies at least annually (a tradition started early on in our dating)--reminds me, I think it might be time again.


Roman Holiday reminds me of a slew of foreingesque films from the late '50s to the mid '60s. Often with Cary Grant. Audrey Hepburn looks nice in them. Don't watch them frequently, but I do occasionally.

When I see forumites mentioning

-Princess Bride, e.g., a movie I have heard of, but not seen, I understand there is a generational gap. Perhaps more than one generation! :-)
That's not even wrong!
--Wolfgang Pauli


I worked in a movie theater for about 4 years in high school and junior college.  In the end I was there 30 hours a week!

So I have seen many movies more than 10 times.  (though some I ve seen parts of many, many times, and only a subset of them all the way through 10 times.

Some notable:

Porky's  (it was held over for 13 weeks!!)

The original Star wars trilogy

Star Trek - The Wrath of Kahn.

Arthur  (I saw it on TV last week and could still remember most of the lines)

Excalibur (The first movie I worked)

Of course I ve seen It's a Wonderful Life many times

as well as Harvey (Jimmy Stewart!)

A Christmas Carol (Alister Simms version)

A Christmas Story (at the theater!  Before it became 24 hours of Christmas entertainment)

Smokey and the Bandit

Close Encounters of the 3rd kind


My brother had some great enjoyment over The White Buffalo (Charles Bronson) so Ive seen it many times

12 Angry Men

The Bedford Incident  (Sidney Poitier)

Most of the James Bond series, but particularly Never Say Never Again and For your Eyes Only

Rocky 3

Indiana Jones  and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Victor Victoria  (very good!!)

Mysterious Island

Paint Your Wagon (also very good!)

So these for sure I have seen more than 10 times
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Hmmm. This is a tough one for me. There are several movies where I have watched clips from the movie 10+ times, but I can't remember for sure if I've watched any movie, in its entirety, 10+ times.

The closest to 10+ times, for me, would be Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Reason: The movie is a the rare combination of mindless, juvenile slapstick seamlessly combined with very sophisticated humor. It meant that I could enjoy it in my youth, but I could still enjoy it when I got older, wiser, and more demanding of movies. The movie was already ancient, when I got a hold of a bootleg VHS copy when I was a teenager. I admit that I didn't "get" a lot of jokes at first, but when I got older those jokes became really funny. I had many of the lines memorized word-for-word (like the Constitutional Peasant scene), so I'm sure I've watched the movie 10+ times.


Good thread.

Here are the movies that come to mind:
- Jurassic Park
- Goodfellas
- Field of Dreams
- Zoolander
- The Prestige
- Dark Knight trilogy

Some were always on tv when I was a kid/teenage (PCU, Zoolander), others are great adventures or fantasies that I loved when growing up (OG King Kong, Jurassic Park, Dark Knight movies, Field of Dreams), and others are just incredibly watchable to me for whatever reason (Goodfellas, JFK, the Prestige).


When I was a teenager, a friend of mine and I made it a point to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail as many times as we possibly could. We kept count, but we lost track somewhere around the 60th viewing.

Similarly The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Let's do the time warp again!

In the years since:

The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, and Follow the Fleet — my mother's big favorites, and I have inherited her tastes
Blade Runner
A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sims version, absolutely)
The African Queen. "Mr. Allnut, dear, what is your first name?"
The Great Beauty (so, so much to love about this movie)

And of course The Wizard of Oz. "And you, Scarecrow, I think I'll miss you most of all."


Glad to meet someone else who (inexplicably, according to my family) loves Dead Again, sinenominie.

From other people's lists, I've also seen Holy Grail many times, and also Rocky Horror. And I had completely forgetton about watching Smoky and the Bandit probably over a dozen times with my brother when we were kids!


Quote from: onthefringe on July 22, 2021, 04:49:47 AM
Glad to meet someone else who (inexplicably, according to my family) loves Dead Again, sinenominie.

From other people's lists, I've also seen Holy Grail many times, and also Rocky Horror. And I had completely forgetton about watching Smoky and the Bandit probably over a dozen times with my brother when we were kids!

I completely forgot about Rocky Horror. That's an easy 10+ for me, and that is 10+ in an actual movie theater. I don't think I ever watched it at home by myself.

little bongo

I think these come close to 10, at least--

1. The Music Man
2. Diner
3. A Thousand Clowns
4. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
5. The Wizard of Oz


From childhood,  The Wizard of Oz.   Used to show on TV regularly once a year.

From college days,  Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life,  Roman Holiday.   When colleges had their own film series, these were shown every year and I first saw them during that time.  Because I liked those old movies, I have watched at least 10 times more over the years. 

Since grad school, Hoosiers.  I worked in Indiana when they were filming the movie and for a long time afterwards, the Indiana high school basketball tournament continued to be single class. Every year, there was a small school trying to become the next 'Hickory' and the movie showed up regularly on cable.  I like basketball and went to many games in Hinkle Fieldhouse which is like going to a baseball game at Fenway or Wrigley Field.