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HOw do i reset my password?

Started by clean, November 03, 2020, 07:07:16 PM

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I have been issued a new computer. My old computer 'remembered' me', so I didn't need to keep track of my password.
However, I seem to be unable to log in with my new computer (because I likely dont remember my old password).

What is the solution?
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On the login screen, there should be a set of buttons (possibly tabs, depending on which layout you use) that is "home" "help" "login" "register".  This is below the big obvious boxes with a login to the side.

Click the less prominent "login" button/tab that is part of the set.

This should bring up a slightly different screen.  In the middle of the page, there will be the expected fill-in boxes with a "login" button.  Under that button is a link marked "forgot my password".  Click that link and fill in your moniker or email address.   

Follow the instructions that show up in your email.
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