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parenting and caregiving thread?

Started by teach_write_research, April 25, 2021, 11:07:31 PM

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I vaguely recall subforums or threads on parenting and caregiving on the old CHE site. I can't seem to find any here. What is the protocol for starting one? Is there interest?  I'm particularly interested in hearing experiences from others who are parents of college students. Where did the time go??


I think these used to be found in the Balancing Work and Life section of the old Fora. 

Here are the new/resurrected threads:
Teen Talk
Why Parents Drink
Caregiving for Elderly Parents
all in the General Discussion section.

I wouldn't mind seeing some section devoted to these types of topics, as well as health issues (of which there have been several recently -- Kay's thread on second-guessing a doctor, the general mental health thread, Charlotte's vent about dismissal of her pain symptoms, the Fat People Thread, and of course all of the non-academic COVID-related stuff).


I would definitely like a parenting thread. I'm not a parent, but I want to be someday.

I read the parenting threads on the old fora frequently. IIRC, there were a few of them. I remember there was a separate one about parenting teenagers.

Maybe we could start with a general 'parenting' thread and split it into more specific threads as needed?


I'd suggest "caregiving" as that includes multiple relationships (minor children, adult children, partners, elders, pets)