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RIP mamselle

Started by mystictechgal, January 01, 2023, 09:55:43 AM

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Thank you for coming back to let us know. I'm very sorry, and will miss her.

Au revoir, mamselle.
I know it's a genus.


So sorry to hear it. I only knew her via the Fora, but she was generous, kind, and brilliant. Thank you for letting us all know, and absolutely she will be missed.


May her memory be a blessing.
I only knew her from her posts here, but she seemed like a kind and brave person who had made her own, not always easy, path through life.
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Oh, what a sad update.  Thank you for sharing, MTG.  I am glad that some friends were around her in her last days.
I will miss her wise voice and interesting areas of study on these fora.
May her kind and positive energy flow through the universe.

Katrina Gulliver

I'm sorry to hear this. I had met her in person some years ago, and she was a stalwart of these boards. Condolences to those who were closer to her.


I am so very sorry to hear the news of mamselle's passing. We had a few longish PMs; she once communicated with me because she was concerned that I had inadvertently outed myself.

My condolences to those of you who knew her, and also to her students.

Thank you, MTG, for letting us know.


Thank you for sharing this sad news, mystictechgal.  I had been checking here often, hoping for much better news.  You were blessed to know Mamselle personally and she must have felt similarly about you.  Wishing you peace on the loss of your good friend.

I knew Mamselle only through the many years of the Chronicle forums and The Fora.  I learned from her and was inspired by her approach to life, always grateful, always moving forward.

I remember her joy when she planned her trips to France, her pride when young students she taught achieved new skills, her love of swing dance, and so much more.  Last year, I learned about Frankie Manning and the Shim Sham from her post in The Fora's Haint Blue thread (April 20, 2021 post:

"Frankie was in his 90s in this video, that's his son Chazz Young dancing with him," she noted.

"There was also a global video of the shim-sham, in honor of his 95th birthday, here:"

I played these today to celebrate the joy Mamselle shared with so many.  When I think of Mamselle's contributions to the CHE forums and The Fora, the best adjective is "kind."

Mamselle's tagline on The Fora seems especially poignant and meaningful as I mourn her loss and celebrate her contributions:

"Use your wit and intelligence to figure out how to be kinder."

I will try, Mamselle.  Thank you.


Oh, this is not the news I hoped to see. Mamselle was one of two forumites with whom I've interacted outside the fora, largely because she's been attending my church (virtually -- I live in Canada, she was in the States) since the beginning of the pandemic. She got to know a number of people there, who will be sad to hear of her passing.

What I admired about her was her calm patience, underpinned by an unshakeable resolve to advocate for those things she thought were right. I will miss her.

(Mystic Tech Gal, if you wouldn't mind, would it be possible for you to put me in contact with Mamselle's friends in the city where she lived? I can send you my contact info by PM.)


I can certainly let them know the connection and ask them, and I shall. It likely won't be until tomorrow as I am spending the evening having dinner with friends. I'll get back to you, one way or another.


Thank you, Mystictechgal, for letting us know. Her curiosity, deep knowledge, and sense of delight drew me in long ago in the Chronicle years. 

I've missed your presence too, by the way, and hope you'll check in again.


Well, that's a shock. Like many others, I had hoped she'd have a bit more time. She was a major figure here, and we will miss her. My condolences to all who knew her.


My heart sank when I saw the subject line. I will miss Mamselle and remember her fondly.


Very sad news.   I knew her from here and from private emails, under real names, for at least 8 years, and she was a great help to me over the years in several  respects.   Like all of us, I will miss her.   And I am glad she did not have a long, drawn-out and painful death.


Oh no!  I'd hoped for a bit more time...

I made it to a fora meetup at some point and she was lovely and shared some of her many interests.


Thank you for sharing the info, mystictechgal. Mamselle and I communicated initially through messages here and then through email, discussed some common interests, and had made some tentative plans to meet up, then Covid hit, and life otherwise got in the way. I will always remember her kindness and wisdom. This world has lost a beautiful soul. Rest in peace, my friend.
I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.