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July 4 Plans? (2024 edition)

Started by clean, July 01, 2024, 07:12:05 PM

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Anyone have plans for July 4? 
Will there be (legal) fireworks?
(Illegal ones?)
AC, and staying inside to watch fireworks inside, and skeeter free?
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Planning to travel a couple of hours to my parents' house, and stay there through Sunday.  I haven't seen them in awhile.  We may persuade Dad to grill.

Our town's fireworks display will be on the third.  So I'll get to see it after church on Wednesday before leaving next morning.  I suspect they are being staged by a pyrotechnician who will be stopping by Wednesday en route to a more important engagement elsewhere the next day.
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With the recent hurricane updates, and the unpredictable nature of storms, I will keep an eye on the Gulf of Mexico.  I dont expect that the storm will rain out our Independence Day weekend, and I dont expect I will have to board up, but I like to make hotel reservations about 5 days out if a storm MIGHT strike my area.  (I would not have made a good pioneer!  I like AC, hot food, iced drinks, and not waiting in lines for gas, hot food, or iced drinks!)

I d like to think that I would work in the garden (raised beds).  However, the skeeters are SO BAD now!  It is oppressively hot here, so a few days ago I tried to mow the yard early, and the skeeters clouded not only ME but the mower as well! So the Skeeters and heat may keep me inside.

Summer classes start next Monday for me, so I will be sweating out the start of the new term (and mourning the loss of much of my free time!!)
"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am"  Darth Vader

The Future

Hope to re-pot some flowers on the patio and weed the garden.  Hot sun and skeeters will be a problem for me too, but I hope to get this work done


Traffic gets crazy in my neck of the woods, so I either leave town the day before, or stay home the day of. This year, I'm staying put.


I am taking a 4 or 5 day weekend starting on the 4th (haven't decided on whether to take Monday off or not yet). During my holiday I am looking forward to cleaning my vehicle interiors, and reorganizing my home office--Annoying chores, but I am excited to get them done... Other than that, I am looking forward to sleeping in and grilling!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!


Staying safely at home, working in the yard, and enjoying the (probably) vast amounts of money that various neighbors spend on fireworks.


I hope to walk the five mile loop at the nature reserve, but that depends on the weather. I also have The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England and The riddles of the sphinx : inheriting the feminist history of the crossword puzzle waiting by my recliner.
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I've got a 4 day weekend--yay! The heat and humidity, not so much.

When I worked over the weekend, I saw the getaway traffic on the interstate in both directions. Plenty of folks at the local gas stations.


Beat everyone to it and took a long weekend trip to Maine last weekend, plus my town had its fireworks Monday. I'll get a bit of work-work done tomorrow, but mostly work in the garden and perhaps do some other house projects.
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Bride is not feeling well this evening, so plans are up in the air for now.  If she thinks she is sick, she wont visit her family tomorrow, and Im not sure that she will feel like eating anything grilled. 
"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am"  Darth Vader