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Does this thing exist?

Started by paddington_bear, November 11, 2023, 07:09:42 AM

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Ever since the pandemic, I've been accepting papers through our campus LMS. This has lots of advantages, including being able to copy and paste comments into the text box for the assignment rather than writing them out each time. A "disadvantage" I've found, though, is that I don't put that many comments on the paper because that function in our LMS still feels clunky. You have to click too many buttons to get to the little e-post it thing and then type the comment. And highlighting also seems clunky.

Students have never said that they want more comments on their papers, so maybe the problem is only mine and I should get over it. But is there a way to use a stylus on an iPad or something to be able to circle misspelled words, underline things, write a few comments in the margin, etc. AND still copy and paste comments into the LMS text box? (As I'm typing this out, that feels too cumbersome as well and I feel like I should just quit thinking that I should be commenting more on their papers, but I'm going to keep this post up anyway.)


Canvas has a free draw animation feature in Speed Grader — via the little paint brush icon.

When I started using Speed Grader, the platform felt a bit clunky, but as I've gotten used to it, I've gotten much more adept.
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Thanks! But I should have added that our LMS is Brightspace.