Universities Face Congressional Inquiry and Angry Donors Over Handling of Antise

Started by simpleSimon, December 08, 2023, 08:46:56 AM

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Quote from: Ruralguy on December 21, 2023, 05:19:08 PMYes, precisely my point. Their answers sucked big time, but aside from some of the things I've said already, there wasn't a lot they could do that wasn't going to get them in trouble with these jerks.

I am sure they were all told a million times: Don't take a political stance on any of the issues discussed. Don't be specific! Don't say "yes" or "no" if you don't know!  I am not saying that was right or moral, just that I could guess how they were briefed.

So if someone was accused of producing child pornography, would the legal advisors warn against taking a stand on whether child pornography is bad? How about spouse abuse?

The point which is absolutely clear to everyone is that the issue  is what counts as genocide, and even calling for genocide, and instead of making that one sentence clarification, they all just dodged the whole issue.
For people with their level of education, and even legal education, making that distinction should have been the automatic and consistent response. The only reason for them to avoid that was because they didn't want to in any way suggest that the protesters could be out of line if they were on the right "side" of the issue.
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