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Started by the_geneticist, May 21, 2019, 08:49:54 AM

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Quote from: kaysixteen on March 20, 2024, 09:22:08 PMFosca, pls clarify your point here-- what exactly is it that your students are doing that you think is plagiarism, but they do not, and how would they have to fix it?

Students are copying word-for-word or taking information from outside sources with no quotation marks, citations, or references in their work.  When I point out that's academic dishonesty they say "Oh, sorry, I write first and then go back and put the quotes and stuff in last, and I must've forgot because I had so much else to do.  I'll redo it now."

It's not so much that they think it's not plagiarism, but they think because it's an accident or a mistake that it won't count against them and they can just redo it with no penalty. And either no one has caught it before, no one has told them it's a bad idea, or they think that saying that will prevent them from the consequences of handing in college work that is plagiarized--I've had at least two students use that this semester alone.

Or, what Marshwiggle said. 

I did just report a student who, much like AmLitHist's student, was given feedback on their lack of proper quotation/citation/reference, but when they handed in work that had the structure and the phrasing and the definitions  directly from a specific outside source with no quotation/citation/reference, they tried to play the "I'm just teaching myself and I didn't know!" card.  Oh, did I mention they had also watched a video on proper paraphrasing and citation and wrote a couple of paragraphs on what they learned?  Their appeal was denied, so a happier ending.


I have a new TA for my class who seems to be suffering from "main character syndrome".

He has not taught this class before.
He has never taught any classes before.
He hasn't even read the protocol for the lab for today.

But he is happily giving his opinion on how the lab could be taught differently, trying to give instructions to the other TAs, etc.

The experienced folks are all too nice to just thump him upside the head with the lab manual.

I think I'm going to be repeating "what does it say in the protocol?" over and over with him.