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The TV Series Thread

Started by ciao_yall, July 25, 2020, 11:36:58 AM

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I watched season 1 of Bridgerton. That was totally a guilty pleasure. Now I'm trying to resist season 2.

I just started Bad Vegan as a way of avoiding the ridiculous historical romance. I'm not sure it's a good trade off.
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Quote from: mamselle on January 15, 2022, 11:16:17 PM
Back in Vera-land...


So glad you said that as I didn't realize there were new ones up. One of my favorites.


Anyone want to offer their impressions of the Law & Order reboot?


That's great Sam Waterson was able to come back!

Wahoo Redux

Young Sheldon.

I was very dubious, but now I think it is very smart and very funny.
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My bride and I dont miss Ghosts!

We really like season I of Resident Alien.  I have recorded all of Season II, but we are saving those for a binge watching time! 

Otherwise, I confess to be a big fan of Battle Bots!  (She doesnt leave the room when it is on, so I dont know if that means she is a a fan, but not willing to let me know!)

We watch Kat, but Im not sure I would miss it if it was gone.

We also watch Worst Cooks In America (the season is over for now, though).  I learn a few things, but mostly I see a lot of things in common with my bride and the show's people, but she would not likely agree with those observations. 

It is too new to know, but we watched one of the Julia Child Challenge shows.  The Bride was ready to try making a soufflĂ©.  (I am not that brave yet). 

That seems to be our TV addiction update.
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Lizzo's Watch Out For The Big Grrrls on Amazon Prime.

So far, it's actually constructive and professional and supportive of the participants. I almost didn't watch because I hate reality shows. But I like this one.

Also watched...

  • Inventing Anna
  • Tinder Swindler


QuoteMy bride and I dont miss Ghosts!
Hi Clean, Are you watching the British Ghosts or the American Ghosts? We enjoyed the British one very much; we watched the first episode of the American one, but that's all.


The American one.  I am aware that it is based on the British one, but I dont usually watch Netflix, and if I can access it, I suspect it would be from there.
"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am"  Darth Vader


Saw two of the three original Murdoch Mysteries series (Canadian, 2004) and can't get the third.

I'm giving up YT shows for the week, but will look more later.

Impressed by P. Outerbridge, his co-star, K. Hawes, and especially Flora Montgomery, whom I realized I'd seen in several other things elsewhere but--she was so good, I couldn't place them while watching--sign of an actor absorbed in the character at hand.

I sort-of liked the later series, but it's a bit hokey at times; this seemed better-done, and I really wished there had been more. (Outerbridge had a prior committment, so when the extension came through, he was unavailable).

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The Flight Attendant - just watched S1E1 and I am hooked.
Barry is going to have a Season 3. Except I didn't like how Season 2 ended so we'll see.

Still wish Hacks were on regular HBO, not stuck on HBO Max which doesn't work on my TV. I loved S1E1 but haven't been able to watch since and I refuse to watch it on my computer. Principle of the thing.


Just got the great news that we will all soon get to find out what Red Foreman will be like as a grandpa, in the upcoming 'That '90s Show'.   Can't wait to see what they do with and in 1995.


Trying to decide on our next series (my wife will only watch one at a time). She likes shorter runs with ongoing storylines and creepy central mysteries. So far friends have recommended Legion, The Leftovers, and Locke & Key. Any of those worth seeing or is there something else we migbt like? (She's gonna want to switch over to Stranger Things when the next season drops).


If you have Netflix, you might check out some of the Harlan Coben shows.  They're limited series (like 6-8 episodes, I think), each series based on a different mystery/thriller plot.  There are a handful of British ones I've enjoyed, and some non-English ones I haven't watched.


Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Have you seen Black Sails? I've just finished season 2 (please don't spoil S3-4), and it is phenomenal. It started in 2014 and as far as I can gather never really garnered much attention beyond a very small group of die-hard fans, whom I have just joined, except now the Discourse has moved on, alas, and I'm now this person.. But, active fandom or no, it is a masterpiece of plotting and characterization: A bunch of pirates and pirate-adjacent people work in a the shifting sands of alliance and betrayal and selfish gain and ideals for The Greater Good to make outstanding television. It reminds me of the best bits of the later seasons of Deep Space Nine: Everyone has their own motivations, and sometimes they align and sometimes they don't. If you don't like a particular alliance, no worries--something will change dramatically soon. If you think two characters should team up, no worries--they will, eventually.

S1 starts a bit rough--the showrunners decided that they needed to add a great deal of shmex to go along with all the sweaty pirates--but once they got past that about halfway through the season and leaned instead into plotting and characterization, it becomes superb.

Has anyone seen it? Can I make anyone see it? It's so good