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Quote display -- possible to change?

Started by namazu, June 14, 2019, 06:00:55 PM

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Is there some forum style setting that would make the "-like symbol that shows up at the top left (but oddly, not bottom right) of each quote box disappear?

This is a really minor thing, so if it's not possible, no worries! 

It would make the limerick thread easier to execute (because we could use the quote function without it looking weird) and it would make other quoted material look nicer and more streamlined (at least, to my eye). 



Ah, Polly's instructions for changing the display (the option I'd missed before!) allow users to choose themes that do not have the funny quotation mark:
Quote from: polly_mer on June 14, 2019, 06:29:13 PM
Q: What are my options for display AKA how can I make The Fora display better on my device?

A: The keyword is "theme".  Under Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout, the top line will state "Current Theme".  Everyone starts on the default.  However, some people on some devices might prefer Dani or one of the other choices.  Click the (change) link to see your options. 

At the bottom of each section are two links: one is [Use this theme] and the other is [Preview theme].   Clicking Preview theme will change the page with the theme choices to display the theme you're previewing.  Clicking away from the page without selecting [Use this theme] means you will still be using the current theme.

If you find previewing the theme insufficient, then try Use this theme and click around The Fora.  You can change back or try another theme after you've explored.
Thanks, Polly!

I think "Curve" may still be the best/least-worst option for me, funny quotation mark notwithstanding.


For those following along at home, Core Theme does get rid of the big machine-generated quotation marks.  However, it changes quite a bit of the rest of the display as well.  There's likely a reason why no one was listed as using it the last I checked.

Dani was indeed an improvement for me even on my desktop with fewer items vying for my attention.  Core Theme could only be more distracting if animated thingies were dancing, but it might be a great choice for someone who wants to see everything in one convenient place.

The functionality of these fora are the same, regardless of theme*.  The theme just puts commands in different locations (e.g., a menu bar across the top for Dani versus a menu bar just over the editing boxes for other themes; explicit tabs in some themes and just links for other themes).

*Well, barring bugs.  They are supposed to all have the same functionality.
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I'm also game to add more user selectable themes, if people find some that are up to date that they'd like. It's not hard to install them, and users can select what they want to use.

That said, I won't commit to maintaining them all- they're a "use as-is" thing. I'm maintaining and tweaking Cuve and Dani, as they're well documented and the latter allows mobile use.
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