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General Discussion / Re: Movies you have seen 10 or more times
« Last post by Vkw10 on Today at 08:58:33 PM »
As I said in the "asides" thread, there are very few movies I've intentionally seen more than once. Each time I rewatch a movie, I see more plot implausibilities (or downright plot holes), character inconsistencies, continuity errors, etc. and so my impression of the movie gets worse.

How do those of you who watch the same movies repeatedly deal with that? Or do you not see those things?

It’s an interesting question. Do you also not re-read books? (genuine question, not trying to be snarky).

Generally not. (And no snark assumed.) It's pretty much the same. For instance, I read LOTR and The Hobbit myself, and then read them to my kids, but I haven't re-read either of them since.. Maybe listening to a music recording is like quoting lines from movies; it evokes much of the enjoyment without the cost of trying to relive the original experience, which is impossible.

Hmm, I’ve never tried to figure out why and how I enjoy re-watching and re-reading. There are many works that I enjoy once and have no desire to watch/read again. I enjoyed the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but have no interest in seeing it again. There are parts of Other People’s Money that are perfect for checking on the washer, vacuuming the carpet, taking out the trash, but I re-watch it for specific scenes. I usually move about during parts of any movie that I’m re-watching, enjoying the highlights without needing to commit two hours. Re-reading is much the same, a mix of rapid skimming and slow savoring of favorite parts. There are a few books I re-read attentively, generally because the language is beautiful, but I’m usually relaxing into the comfort of familiar words, characters, story.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by ciao_yall on Today at 08:53:01 PM »
QB - 2. Google didn't help and no Wordplay blog hints.

The streak ends here.

ETA: Flash for one, still at QB -1 with no Wordplay blog hints.

ETA^2 Hit the dictionary. New word. QB!
General Discussion / Re: Personal Finance and the Economy
« Last post by Vkw10 on Today at 08:11:49 PM »
Leasing generally isn’t a good financial option unless you must have a recent model car at all times, for all the reasons cited above.

Most financially savvy people advise buying a recent model used car, because the value of car drops dramatically during the first few months. Disadvantages to buying used include lack of warranty period, state lemon laws generally don’t apply, and difficulty in finding a good deal in recent years. If you can find a good low mileage used car, buying used is smart.

I buy new cars, from local dealership with good reputation for service. I budget for routine maintenance, maintain my cars carefully, and have no worries about spills or minor dings. I also drive my cars at least a decade. Financially, buying a low mileage used car may be smarter, but I enjoy that first year of a new car.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by Langue_doc on Today at 06:25:02 PM »
Woohoo ab_grp! I gave up on the bee a long time ago but found a two-fer. Hope your power outages are a thing of the past.

The crosswords have been underwhelming, to say the least. The "themes" are cute but don't seem to contribute to the solution. I stumbled on the solution to the recent one that had several instances of "hip" because I realized that I had the correct words (tepid comes to mind), but needed an extra letter for these words.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by ciao_yall on Today at 04:50:41 PM »
2fer and Beta. Trying to wait until after dinner before checking Shunn, Wordplay, etc to hit QB. Not sure why I made that rule?
General Discussion / Re: What's your weather?
« Last post by ab_grp on Today at 04:31:12 PM »
The weather was supposed to be a little rainy today, but it turned into pouring rain, hail, really loud thunder and close lightning, and a ton of it! Power went out briefly, so we will have to reset everything, but I am just happy it is back on and hope it stays that way.  Our internet was failing for 30 or so minutes after power came back, so we were worried that the router blew somehow (just got that last year as an upgrade since we were both working from home at the time), but it seems okay now.  I think there is a bunch of flooding nearby again, so I really am thankful if this is all we get and will send my good weather thoughts to those folks.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by ab_grp on Today at 04:27:55 PM »
Congrats, Parasaurolophus! Good luck!

I got a second 2fer since our power went out, internet went out, and that was what was cached, so not much else to do besides read conference proposals to review them.  Back on for now, at least.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by Parasaurolophus on Today at 04:14:32 PM »
Got to genius without much difficulty. Now for the rest.
General Discussion / Re: Movies you have seen 10 or more times
« Last post by Anselm on Today at 02:30:03 PM »
Full Metal Jacket, mostly just the first half of the movie, about 20 times.  I watched it with some friends in college who saw it maybe 50 times.

I rarely watch anything more than once.    I have not kept track but I may have seen Metropolis around 10 times.
General Discussion / Re: Fauna and other natural things
« Last post by mamselle on Today at 12:46:04 PM »
What was it someone said they don't like, mint?

Can you stuff that in the wall?

(mostly kidding....)

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