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Where do you get your news and analysis?

Started by Sun_Worshiper, July 18, 2023, 07:39:34 AM

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I've been getting online news from the MSN news aggregator for as long as I have been on the Internet. MSN is how I get most of my news. Also, I prefer foreign news outlets like El Pais and BBC.

For news from TV, BBC mostly, and occasionally from English-speaking news outlets from the Far East like Singapore and Hong Kong.

For print, the local newspaper is delivered to my university to old-fashioned news stands located on campus, and they are free to university-affiliated people (news stands accessed by university's ID card).


I'm a cover-to-cover, daily reader of the print version of the New York Times. During the day, I will occasionally check or When a lot is going on politically, I sometimes look at Politico, as well as some neighborhood papers for coverage of local political and judicial candidates. I look at some foreign sources online (most commonly the BBC, Figaro and Le Monde), if I am interested on country-specific foreign breaking news.

PS: I was not proselytizing by adding links. They simply appeared because the system turned them into URLs.