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Posting While Plastered, revival

Started by dismalist, April 27, 2020, 01:00:48 PM

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Salted caramel brown ale from local brewery.  Paired with sea salt dark chocolate from Aldi. 

I do not shop online when I'm drinking, as I hate shopping. I especially hate shoe shopping. And, generally, I hate wearing shoes. I can never find any that are comfortable enough. I have colleagues that wear incredibly stylish heels, and all I can think is: 1) I would fall flat on my face and 2) those cannot be comfortable in the slightest.  But, maybe I should try shoe shopping while drinking, as it works for alto_stratus.


Reviving? Made Harvey Wallbangers for us today, recapturing my misspent youth.


We didn't have any yet, but tonight (and for a few nights, probably) we will have a bottle of Caymus cabernet sauvignon to celebrate my husband's new old job (going back to a previous one).  The wine has received wonderful reviews, so I'm excited! Usually I have Bogle petit sirah these days, which is fine, but this is a treat! And it's a 1L bottle, which is different than the usual.

I've never had a Harvey Wallbanger, but it looks like they are similar to screwdrivers but with a vanilla-ish flavor from Galliano (which I also haven't had, as far as I know)? While googling, I saw a link to an article saying that one story of the name origin was some guy Harvey who got drunk and kept running into walls, but I had heard that drinks with Galliano usually have "against the wall" in the name (because the bottle is so tall and is always next to the wall at the bar), so maybe that's where the wall part came from.  More to research, apparently.  Anyway, sounds pretty good.  Enjoy, jimbogumbo!