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NYT dropped SET, so in addition to the crossword, I'm been trying Spelling Bee.  However, I'm frustrated because it rejects perfectly good words, solid English language words that are in dictionaries.  Any body else doing Spelling Bee?

I will try it as soon as I find out whether 'black' must be capitalized.

I do the Spelling Bee in the print edition. The instructions say that you can count any words you come up with that are in the dictionary but not in the list of answers. I'm guessing from your comment that the electronic edition has a fill-in-the-blanks interface that is rejecting some of your submissions. Maybe their standard dictionary is different from the one you use? For example, some dictionaries demand hyphens for certain words and others consider them non-hyphenated.

Yeah, I do the free version online every day which cuts you off after a few words. They used to let you do the whole thing for free, but I think they got tired of me and others sending them words they missed. RAFFIA, PAPAIN...

I love the print one on Sundays. Like fleabite I check words in the dictionary and if they are there, I go for it.

I get to genius level. Eventually.

Have you tried LetterBoxed?

I do Spelling Bee every day on the app, along with the crosswords.  Today was the first (and probably last) day that I got Queen Bee all by myself and in only an hour or so! Usually my husband and I work on it independently throughout the day, then compare lists, then... a little nerdy, but we each wrote computer programs to help find the remaining words.  I wrote mine in R, he wrote his in some language on his Linux system (Perl?).  They go about the process differently, so we usually find all of them eventually.  I also found a site that will give you the answers (you have to click a button to see them, so they aren't just readily visible on this site:  It also gives metrics for words seen most often, number of words of a particular length, etc.  We only look at that after all else has been exhausted.  My R program currently just checks against the Hunspell dictionary, which tends to leave some more technical words out, and his spits out way too many possible words.  So I am trying to build an actual Spelling Bee dictionary to check against by copying the words out from that site and making a database.  Sometimes there are words that we think should be in there that aren't, and some of the words that are in there are pretty wacky.  As far as I know, the Spelling Bee dictionary is not available.  From the NYT website, they describe it as curated.  But it certainly isn't the same as the crossword, for example.  There are a bunch we kick ourselves over and then try to remember going forward (acacia, acai, lulu, whatever that c word was yesterday, words that can have two spelling variations included).

Of course the fun is in trying to solve it yourself! But we are also using this as a programming exercise.


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