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Good morning/afternoon!

Got to a bit past genius with the pangram.  Luckily it was a lot easier for me to find than yesterday's! Yesterday I found it as my 57th word, despite having tried potatohead and even dopehead, which probably should have helped.  But at least I got it eventually.  I think I needed two words when we compared, atop, heptad.  But we did have team QB.

For LB, I initially saw midshipmen and then shipment and ended up with shrouds-shipment as well.  Congrats on two 2fers, Langue_doc! Congrats on yours, ciao_yall, and on another today! Several solutions already!

Happy solving!

Good afternoon!

QBwH to find last word, peapod.  Today I’m at Alpha, but having trouble finding the remaining words. 

LB:  I had midshipmen-notorious.  Lots of variety this time!  No 2fer so far today.

Happy puzzling!

ETA:  Got a 2fer!

Good morning!

Easy romp to genius, but no pangram yet.

Last words yesterday were conic and dino, despite finding the latter in a puzzle just days ago. I tried potatohead too, without any success.

vocalism/methyl; machos/sylvite; vocalisms/stealthily

Happy solving!

Morning! QBwH for ecocide. LB vocalist-thyme.

Happy solving!

Good morning!

QB almost ABM, with a 1L hint to find djinni, which should have occurred to me as soon as I had jinni.  Today I have two words to go; the pangram was my first word.

LB:  I also had the “official” vocalist-thyme.  Congratulations on so many combinations, Langue_doc!  I found a 2fer rather quickly today.

Happy puzzling!


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