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Re: Post your asides here
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In both Canada and the USA, medicine is an undergraduate degree, not a graduate degree.
Not in the USA. It is most definitely a graduate degree for doctors (medical, dental, vision).
Not according to the medical schools I’m familiar with in the US. It’s considered a bachelor’s degree, not a graduate degree. Maybe it varies by state. It is definitely a bachelor’s degree in Canada, despite the fact that some witless have another bachelor’s, master’s, or even a PhD before being admitted.
Here's a statement from the American Association of Medical Colleges on Medical Education.  It does (contrary to my previous (mis-)understanding and the conferred degree of "medical doctor") describe the 4 years of medical school as "undergraduate education" and residency as "graduate education".

That said, most/all accredited US medical schools require a prior undergraduate degree and/or numerous prerequisite college-level courses in biology, chemistry, physics, math, etc., as a condition of admission, to a so medical education is not generally anyone's first undergraduate degree.


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Re: Post your asides here
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The mascot at University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople is the Mott, right?


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Re: Post your asides here
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Well... that was a reach.