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The Venting Thread

Started by polly_mer, May 20, 2019, 07:03:27 PM

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Thanks for the good thoughts, all.  It does help!  And yesterday I planted geraniums and sat out my snake plants on the little patio wall we built last summer, which also helped my mood. I'll do some more container planting today--those will be easy enough for ALHS to water and care for while I'm off my feet.

Langue doc, you're absolutely right: the doc/nurse needs to contact you with a plain-English version of your tests, esp. something like a CAT. When I got my CPAP, the provider told me, "The supplier will call you every. Single. Day. until you order supplies. Save yourself the headache and block their number immediately. When you need something, you can call them yourself."


Thanks, AmLitHist. Sending you good wishes for your foot and your teaching and household activities with said foot. Hope you have a good physical therapist.

When I checked the patient portal, it turns out that the doctor's office had contacted CPAP supplier on April 19th directing them to send the supplies to my address that is on file (no need for date of birth verification). Supplier is holding me hostage out of spite because I refused to provide the dob info they (not my insurance) needed. Called the insurance company which was hacked about a month or so ago, and was told that I could hold for about 29 minutes, or the company would call me back. 29 minutes came and went, so I called again only to be told that I had asked to be called back and that I could continue to wait for a phone call. Another 29 minutes came and went, with me calling, and the process being repeated. Now it's three hours since my first phone call, and no call back. To complicate matters, I received a bill demanding payment for the supplementary insurance despite the payment having been acknowledged. I suspect the long hold/wait time was because other patients too had received the letter for payment, not only for this month, but also for June. Aaargh!!! I did leave a message on the patient portal letting them know that I didn't receive the refills, and also another asking for an explanation of the CT Scan results. I have an appointment with a new provider next week so that she can review the results which are on my patient portal and also on a CD. Tomorrow I'll have to call my congressperson, whose office is quite reliable, to handle the CPAP supplies/supplier. The lung/sleep apnea doctor used to be very good, but I suspect he's getting too old to be on top of things. MY PCP (same practice) and the spine doctor (different practice) would have gotten back to me right away, not only to advise me of the ramifications, but also to inform me of other issues that show up in the scans/MRIs/reports.


Really tired of calls dropping for no apparent reason.  Well, some of them seem to have been weather-related, but not the one that happened just now at work.
If in this life only we had hope of Christ, we would be the most pathetic of them all.  But now is Christ raised from the dead, the first of those who slept.  First Christ, then afterward those who belong to Christ when he comes.


I am angry at...well, I'm not sure. I have a student who I just spent an hour with online sorting out his plans, and he is in a bad place.  Is it because
1) The CC he transferred from misled him about completing his GenEds (so they get to grant an associate's in Liberal Studies) and then being able to complete all his major coursework (In STEM) at FishProf U in TWO YEARS (there is no way to do this); or
2) He is wishy-washy about what he wants to do in my major, adjacent major, or professional school involving my major - when did he decide on plan X, or option Y, or escape plan Z?; or
3) Did he get messed up by FishProf U admissions and Academic Success that set him up to, if not fail, at least spend 2.5 - 3 years here?

It matters to ME, but it doesn't matter to him.  It's now my problem to advise a way out, grrrrr.
I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question.