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General Discussion / Re: the "things you wish you could say" thread
« Last post by AvidReader on May 06, 2021, 02:16:38 PM »
Dear students,

When there are 5 readings for the exam and you are required to use 2 on the exam, reading only the first 2 on the list and then trying to figure out how to make them work with your chosen question is a lot more work--in a tight time frame--than reading even 3 or 4 of the readings and then picking 2 that are actually related to the question you chose. I promise.

General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by ciao_yall on May 06, 2021, 01:48:30 PM »
Thanks! That's usually what they post on the Wordplay blog, so this works better for me.

I am missing 3 words, one of which is the pangram.


ETA: Went to the wordplay blog for the definitions hints. Gahh, those were easy. So still stuck on the I which I assume is the pangram.
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General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by ab_grp on May 06, 2021, 01:21:54 PM »
Yay! Congrats on your QB, cathwen!

And congrats on your 2fer, ciao_yall!  I still have to get back to that and see if I can find a mate.

I forgot to add to the discussion from last night about hints for the bee.  If husband and I get very stumped, we will compare hashes (# words starting w/ each letter) and try to help each other narrow down what we could be missing.  But when we are both missing the same words and stumped and just trying for impure team QB, we first look at the nytbee site mentioned earlier to see how many words there are of each length.  Then, we move on to to try to get some more scaffolded help if we need it.

WARNING: there are several settings you can choose on Shunn's site.  I usually choose "hide solution set" (which was selected already when I went to the link just now), "show 2-letter tally" and and "show compound distribution" (not currently selected when I looked at the link I included above), and then just only look at whichever is the next step in scaffolding (like how many words start with each letter) and ignore the rest until I need more help.  From top to bottom, the selections I mentioned should give you:

  • summary of total words, total score, # pangrams, # compounds
  • # words starting with each letter
  • # words of each length
  • crosstab of letter by how many words of each length (e.g., it might show that for B words there are 5 four-letter, 2 seven-letter, 1 nine-letter... obv made that up)
  • two-letter tally: this is how many words start with each combo of 2 letters (for example, BE x 2, BI x 4, BL x 1....)
  • if there are compounds and you picked compound distribution, it will show how crosstab of which letters they start with and how many letters they have

As you can see, this can give you a little more control over which kinds of hints you want to see.  You could start out by not allowing it to show much of all and then rerun it with other options selected.  I had heard of this site often but finally just took a look at it last week and like that kind of control, personally.  I think some of the above is posted in the Wordplay blog, but I don't want to stumble across anything I don't want to see, so I tend to avoid that.

If you have made QB already, definitely go ahead and check it out and play around with the options, and you won't risk giving yourself any info that would have spoiled it.  If not and you want to check it out, of course please do!

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Now what?

Why didn't I see this BEFORE I bought them????

General Discussion / Re: The Inhale Thread !
« Last post by apl68 on May 06, 2021, 12:41:03 PM »
This week we received an uncommonly big donation of children's books.  It looked like the donor had been a standard go-to person for teachers cleaning out classrooms.  Much of the material is old but not ancient, and is still in presentable condition.  We've sorted through it and put a bunch of it away for gradual release on our free table, and in the Little Free Library at a nearby elementary school.  Which has been a success, by the way--every time I check it has been cleaned out, so I keep having to re-stock it.  We've now got plenty of stock for it. 

We also gave a stack of material to a preschool director who was here this morning, and have arranged for our children's services worker to resume visiting them regularly beginning next month.  It's the first preschool we've arranged to start visiting again!  It's good to be able to take another step toward resuming our outreach work.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
« Last post by cathwen on May 06, 2021, 12:35:28 PM »
Yippee!  QB! 

And congratulations on QB today and yesterday, ab_grp, and on your 2fer, ciao_yall!
General Discussion / Re: the "things you wish you could say" thread
« Last post by FishProf on May 06, 2021, 12:34:21 PM »
Dear VAP,
Do not email the President with one story and the Provost with another that amounts to begging for your job. It's like trying to play Mom vs. Dad. It won't work. We talk to each other.
Good luck, you're going to need it, (and now the Dean really doesn't like you)

Fixed that for you me
Thanks for the thread, Wahoo.

Again, I was simply using the term "moral" in its simplest and broadest sense not meant to eliminate or even reduce the mass complexities .  All art has a moral of some sort...yet here the hijacking begins.

To continue, then, I don't understand what you mean by 'ethics' or 'moral'. What is this simplest and broadest sense? I mean that entirely genuinely--I don't see what it could be aside from its usual sense--but the usual sense (i.e. principles having to do with what's right and wrong) just doesn't seem at all like a plausible candidate meaning. Especially when you go on to talk about it in terms of choices, especially choices "to accept abstraction" or "call it 'art'", and the like.

(By the by, I'd balk at characterizing those as 'choices', too, since so much of what happens in the artworld is entirely de-centralized and the result of collective, rather than individual, activity and the influence of convention.)
General Discussion / Re: The Inhale Thread !
« Last post by mamselle on May 06, 2021, 10:48:59 AM »
Congrats to all with good news'es!

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