Asked and Answered: The PSAs on topics where we all know all sides

Started by polly_mer, May 24, 2019, 12:49:04 AM

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Quote from: marshwiggle on May 23, 2019, 08:05:36 AM
On the old RMP forums, some common topics had PSAs which were re-published every couple of months or so, identifying key argumants about common issues. (The main one I remember was about "I have a crush on my prof!!!!", which indicated consensus about when and why it was a good or bad thing.) This helped to cut short periodic rehashing. Perhaps this could work for things like an adjunct thread which could mention points on both sides, such as "some people have few choices due to spouses having a full-time job" as well as "lf you have to live out of your car maybe you should rethink your options" so that people feel less need to restate these things.

Anyone want to tackle some group writing summaries on topics where we can draw on years of ongoing discussions to at least outline the points on all sides, even if we've never come to a consensus on a final decision?
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I haven't yet heard back from the search committee, and it's been a week/two weeks/a month/two months already and I'm really, really anxious and I think I should contact them. It will show that I'm still keen on the job, and all the interviewing advice says to follow up after the interview to show you're keen to take the job, and it will show initiative and gumption and I think I'll contact them and ask for an update.

Don't contact the search committee. No, really. No matter how friendly they were and how many hints they gave you. If they're going to offer you the job they'll get in touch. The only possible exception is if you have a competing job offer in hand. Do you have a competing job offer? If not, don't contact them.