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My husband and I grew up in families (maybe the last on earth?) that waited until Christmas Eve to put up the tree and decorate it. We continue that tradition, although none of our daughters have. 

Decorations consist of an odd collection of mostly non-breakable ornaments (thanks to many years of having cats) and small colored lights.  We have an angel on top of the tree, although I would prefer a star, as that is what my family had.  Since we no longer have the endurance to attend a midnight service, we put up the tree, go to the 5:00 service, and come home for a simple supper, decorating, and then sitting down with Christmas cookies and eggnog. 

Once one of our friends was visiting during the holidays at a time when Christmas and Chanukah coincided.  So we had the tree, a menorah, candles, and made latkes as part of Christmas dinner. 
I think this could be broadened to holiday decorations

We are completely areligious but do have a tree. Small colored lights, ornaments (non matchy, inherited or collected one at a time as souvenirs etc), no tinsel or garland (the current cat’s “life” goal is to die of an intestinal impaction).

The fringelet gets an ornament each year as a gift, so when she has her own place to celebrate the holidays she will have a starter set of 20-odd ornaments.
General Discussion / Re: Single parent while being an academic
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How old are the kids, and how many? A little more info would help.
Might this be broadened to favorite Channukah decorations (some menorah are beautiful creations in glass, fine metals, etc...some with significant stories to go with them); Kwanzaa light holders, etc.?

I considered starting a different thread but that seems to alienate non-Christian members into "all others"--but then, some of my Jewish students' families have both a Menorah and a tree...


At a time in our nation's life when inclusivity is so important, I just raise the question in a spirit of warmth and caring...

My sister and I put up our Christmas trees yesterday and exchanged photos of our handiwork. Despite growing up in the same house, we decorate our trees differently: she does colored lights and just ornaments, while I have garland, ornaments, and tinsel (and white lights by default on my pre-lit tree). What are your preferences?
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Hope you wil all stay healthy.
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The Goes Wrong Show on PBS. Slapstick. The Christmas show was just right after a day of grading long papers.
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IHE: Biology Professor Reportedly Told to Stop Teaching Gender

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression and PEN America are demanding answers from Valdosta State University over reports that it told a professor of biology to change how she teaches sex and gender following a parent complaint. Jeremy C. Young, senior manager of free expression and education at PEN, said in a statement, “Most college students are adults, and parents should not be controlling what their adult children can learn, let alone what a professor can teach to a whole class. Faculty must be free to explore academic topics with their students, including those that are controversial or make some uncomfortable, without fear of repercussions. Doing so is at the core of universities’ academic mission.”

The sword cuts both ways.

As it should. Right now it seems more of the time it's the left talking about "weaponizing free speech".

'It's not that your ideas are uncomfortable to hear because they challenge established beliefs that people are emotionally invested in. It's that your ideas are painful to hear because they are so idiotic.' - Peterson

Is he talking to himself here? 
General Discussion / Single parent while being an academic
« Last post by HappilyTenured on December 03, 2022, 06:02:50 PM »

Is anyone here a single parent while being an academic? If yes, how's your experience so far? Any tips or advice?

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« Last post by jimbogumbo on December 03, 2022, 05:56:53 PM »
I just finished Season 3 of Barry and loved it! Going to finish Season 2 of The Righteous Gemstones this weekend.
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