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Herd your cats here

Started by eigen, May 17, 2019, 02:24:47 PM

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My little Foster Fail girl just left her spot on the blanket to resettle on my lap.  How far we've come, and how much my heart just soared...


Have we heard from SCR since her move?  Have the kitties adjusted to their new digs?  How did the trip go?
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Quote from: clean on November 12, 2023, 03:06:20 PMHave we heard from SCR since her move?  Have the kitties adjusted to their new digs?  How did the trip go?

We made it!

The drive took four days. The cats protested vociferously on day 1, but after that seemed to resign themselves to life on the road. They completely stopped resisting when I was getting them in and out of their carriers, as if thinking, "Well, I guess this is my life now." All things considered, everything went very smoothly, including all the transfers from car to hotels and back again.

Poor things barely ate the whole trip though, even when offered their favorite wet food (the kind with gravy).

At the new house, we started them off in the laundry room, and Caramelo almost immediately got himself wedged behind the dryer and had to be rescued.

When we opened the door to let them explore their new digs, Caramelo refused to budge while Maestro seemed totally at ease surveying his new kingdom. He scared us half to death by jumping on the second story railing and walking across it like a tight-rope walker. SO had to line the railing with aluminum foil to discourage Maestro from jumping up there again.

As we unpack and arrange our stuff, the cats have to explore anew as their home changes around them. Hopefully, we will have everything organized and settled soon.

Meanwhile, their appetites have returned in force and Caramelo has ventured to join his brother in exploration. They are also back to galloping and chasing each other around during zoomie time.

Welcome home, cats!


Congrats, SCR, Caramelo, and Maestro on your new home.


So glad to hear the move went well. We have videos of our previous cats when we would let them loose to explore the new digs. One was very adventurous while the other would not venture out until she was sure the first one hadn't been eaten by something!
   Is this their first experience with stairs? If so you are in for a treat as they learn about traversing them at speed.