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Research & Scholarship / Re: June Research Thread
Last post by Parasaurolophus - June 18, 2024, 07:37:44 AM
Let's say 500 words of a new chapter section.
General Discussion / Re: the "things you wish you c...
Last post by apl68 - June 18, 2024, 07:21:45 AM
Thank you for the text letting me know that I have unpaid tolls.  Problem is, I haven't ventured beyond the state line in over six months.  And there are no toll roads or bridges whatsoever in this state.  I think I will decline to click on the link you so helpfully provided to pay my toll.
General Discussion / Re: get the documents signed
Last post by apl68 - June 18, 2024, 07:18:04 AM
Glad to hear that you've got good news, even with the paperwork snafus!  Prayers for you for continued improvement, and as you get back to work soon.
General Discussion / Re: NYT Spelling Bee
Last post by ciao_yall - June 18, 2024, 06:22:54 AM

QBwG and a wild guess at monopod. LB waxed-dumpling.

Happy solving!
Research & Scholarship / Re: Help me find the right jou...
Last post by jerseyjay - June 18, 2024, 05:52:11 AM
Quote from: Myword on June 05, 2024, 09:40:48 AMThen one journal rejects another article of mine based on one reviewer who
misread it--and thinks I should mention ideas that I already did or implied.
A waste of time after 6 months waiting. It's often merely subjective.

Congratulations on the acceptance.

I agree that it is frustrating to have readers miss the point of an article. Sometimes this is entirely due to the reader's negligence. However, often when I get such comments, it points to something in the draft that can be improved. Maybe you are not clear enough? Maybe you need to be more explicit? Maybe there is something else you can do to make it clear what you are trying to do in an article?

A peer-reviewer is probably going to be as careful a reader as your article will have. Many other people will glance at an article, look only at parts, etc., and are more likely to overlook or misinterpret aspects. So when I get a review that says, "your article doesn't have a thesis," or, "you should do X in the article," after I kvetch, "there is a thesis," or, "but my article does X," I then look at where the article actually does these things and make sure it does it in a clear way.

I try to get something useful out of every peer review--even if it is just to try to idiot-proof my article more so idiots like the second reviewer cannot misread it again.

What I find really frustrating is waiting six months, a year, etc., only to get a one-line rejection that the article is not a good fit. That's rather useless.
General Discussion / Re: get the documents signed
Last post by kaysixteen - June 17, 2024, 07:59:17 PM
Worrying about the possibility that he might do exactly that, lose the docs, was why, when I called up last Monday, at his direction, to relay my weight info, that I reminded the nurse/secretary/his wife, that I had given her these docs (which he had agreed to sign), what they were, and that I needed to leave his office today with them.  Ah well.   He lost the documents.   I had duplicate copies, which they were grateful for, and I gave them to her.  He did not sign them today, even though, well, I reminded them that they were necessary.   She told me that he should be able to get to them by Fri, and she will call me when they are ready for me to come collect (this is a 45 min ride).  I told her this was ok--really, what else could I say?  It is true that a call later this afternoon to my employer's leave processing vendor got the date extended on that document, and I will be able to do the same with the state short-term disability benefits docs tomorrow as well (I cannot finish the appl for said aid till these docs are completed by doctor, and of course I did remind them that since I have been out of work for six weeks now, without pay, I sortta kindda could use those bennies.  Ah well, again.

It is true, that, on a very positive note, that the doc was very pleased with how much weight I had weed off on the weewee pills, that I do not need hospitalization, etc.  It is true that I will need to remain on a somewhat reduced dose of said weewee maker for another month, and he will reevaluate my daily and ultimate body weight then.  I am going to try to go back to work in two weeks-- we will see how that works, never having tried to work this job on even a normal weewee pill dosage.  Ah well for the third time-- this is a blessing nonetheless.
Research & Scholarship / Re: June Research Thread
Last post by Parasaurolophus - June 17, 2024, 03:45:09 PM
Quote from: Parasaurolophus on June 17, 2024, 07:24:28 AMToday, I'll make yesterday's 750 words fit.

Did that. I'm now roughly 65% done the chapter.
General Discussion / Re: What Have You Read Lately?...
Last post by apl68 - June 17, 2024, 01:26:50 PM
Nonstop, by Brian Aldiss.  I've been interested in the concept of the "generation ship"--a star ship that takes centuries to get to its destination, as whole generations of its crew live out their lives sealed within it--ever since I read Clifford B. Simak's "Target Generation" as a kid.  I saw Nonstop mentioned a couple of years after that while reading a book about science fiction.  Last month on vacation I found an early American edition of Nonstop under its American title, Starship, and finally got to read it.

Generation ship stories almost always show things going badly wrong aboard ship.  Understandable, when one considers all the many things that could go wrong with an enterprise like that.  In Nonstop the ship's hydroponics have mutated and turned it into a jungle that the remaining crew members must survive in.  It's a very readable sci-fi adventure story, written back before Aldiss decided to make his work completely unreadable.  The main shortcoming, aside from the way some things have become dated in the past 65 years, is that he seems to have done much of the writing in a hurry and by the seat of his pants.  There's a satisfying twist later in the story that I failed to see coming.
General Discussion / Re: Fauna and other natural th...
Last post by apl68 - June 17, 2024, 01:16:48 PM
Somehow I picked up an inchworm on my clothing.  I showed it to some staff members.  Then I relocated it to the edge of the woods outside.  Hopefully it will find that a more congenial environment. 

I've heard that finding an inchworm crawling on you is a sign that you'll soon get new clothes, since the inchworm has been measuring you.
General Discussion / Re: What's your weather?
Last post by hmaria1609 - June 17, 2024, 01:13:19 PM
Hot outside! It'll be hot all this week here in the DC area:
There's an Extended Heat Emergency plan for DC.