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NYT Spelling Bee

Started by nebo113, August 28, 2020, 05:56:09 AM

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Good morning!

Got to genius with pangrams so far.  Yesterday husband got to QBABH but had to help me with nanobot, unban, yuan.

For LB I had the schmofficial disqualify-yacht as well.

Happy solving!


Good morning!

QB-short and sweet today. Missed about four words yesterday, one of them being nanny, which I know I entered quite early on. Oh, well.

Deadlines, and more deadlines. It's going to be a chained-to-the desk week.

Happy solving!


Good morning/afternoon!

QB yesterday with help for buoyant, yuan, and nanobot. QB today!

LB: I also had disqualify-yacht. No luck today yet.

Happy puzzling!