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The best predatorial journal come-ons

Started by Scout, June 14, 2019, 04:03:19 AM

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Quote from: mamselle on July 11, 2022, 08:07:28 AM
Maybe we need a "Retraction Watch" thread?

These guys just got put in the corner:


I'm in an allied health field and did a bit of my clinical training with one of the "big, swinging dix" in the field.  He would have drug reps write review articles on the newest and greatest antibiotics with bunches of z's and q's and x's in their names and submit them under his own name.  After I graduated I was an external reviewer on such a paper.  Apparently the journal was in on the dodge since said paper went through the alleged "peer review" process like grease through a goose.  I really wonder what peer review is worth.   Perhaps caveat lector would be simpler and readers can sort the wheat from the chaff on their own.

FWIW Dr. Big Swinging drove a hot shit German sports car thanks to all the contract "research" he did. 

Science may not be broken but it's got hella big problems.
Funeral by funeral, the academy advances


A little OT, but rather than a new thread:

I just got a come-on for a predatorial society that has potential.
QuoteBecome a Certified Researcher - Join CIRS
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Do you have great google-fu, but no certification to back that up? Do your students? All it takes is a few bucks (or loonies).


With a "journal" within a "journal", this one has promise:

IJPERA Journal: International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Application Journal

Sadly, aside from promising that my peer reviewed journal article would be published within 48 hours and searchable by "search Engine like Google," this particular journal come-on did not rise to the level of its peers sufficiently to entice me to submit my precious research.


Double post, almost a year later.

I recently received an invitation to publish my research in the "inaugural issue for the Iris Journal of Astronomy and Satellite Communications (IJASC)."  This is like asking someone from Greenpeace to publish in "Journal of Arctic Wildlife and the Oil and Gas Industry." What are they thinking?


I'm stunned (and a little saddened, I guess) that this thread is still going strong.

I was about to start a new job when I started this thread, and look at that, I'm about to start a new job now!