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What does Fuel Cost in your Neighborhood?

Started by clean, June 18, 2019, 11:43:40 AM

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$3.23 when I filled up at Costo yesterday. $3.45 and up at the others around town.

Smooth and safe travels if you're on the road for July 4th!


Not sure what to say about gas prices.  Very 'volatile' . 
Current price has jumped to $3.35.  It was under $3 within the last month, and had been steady in the $3.05-3.14 range lately.

What is it doing in your neighborhood?
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$3.65 down the road from me; $3.59 a few miles away.
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$3.49 at Costco and Sam's Club. $3.69 at the rest.


$3.87 (cash price) this morning, up from $3.57 just a few days ago.


$3.57 and 9/10 a gallon for regular (87). It's going up over here. I do recall hearing that gas prices are up around the U.S. by 6%.


Gas prices are up! $3.89 just now, up from $3.63 either earlier today or on Tuesday.


It was $3.99 yesterday at most places when I was out running errands, I filled up for $3.80 at Sam's Club. That's what it's been for a while here.
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Somewhere over three bucks when I filled up my motorcycle yesterday.  Fortunately it gets 100 miles per gallon, so I only needed a little over a gallon. 

Has anybody else noticed a proliferation of out-of-order gas pumps lately?  Only about half of them were running at our local fuel outlet yesterday, and on a recent trip across the state line I had to go to three places to find one that appeared to have any working pumps at all.
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I haven't posted on this thread since July. Wow!

I filled up at $3.35 Costco this afternoon. It's $3.44 and up at the other stations.


I filled up yesterday at about $3.35, and then a block away I saw $3.14!!   
Lots of ups and downs in the price lately. 
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