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How to Remove Account from The Fora

Started by Cheerful, November 25, 2022, 09:08:01 AM

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Are we not able to remove our own accounts on The Fora?  I couldn't find info.  A google search suggests the admin/moderator must do so.

How do we do that?  Do our prior posts remain?  I want to erase my account user name and email address from The Fora.

For various reasons, including Internet security concerns and reducing time spent online, I want to close this account.


I can definitely do that for you. Your posts and the attached moniker will not be erased, however. (Deleting your account isn't a time machine, after all.) Your email address should not currently be visible to anyone but you, and that will remain the case once your account's gone.

Let's give it 'til Monday, say? That way you have a couple of days to reconsider or tie up whatever might need tying up.
I know it's a genus.


Thanks, Parasaurolophus.  I appreciate your time, information, and suggestion.  I've re-considered and will keep the account as is here for now.

I am curious about The Fora statistics.  For example, it says 1,867 new members in November 2022, 964 in October 2022.  That can't be right.  It says total members are 2,664.  Also, regarding the "Guests" stats on the Home page, are these bots and/or non-registered lurkers on the site?  It lists the newest member as "DerekLoove." Is that accurate?  Do you approve all new member registrations?

I realize you may not have the answers.  Just some stuff I've wondered about lately.


I'm glad you'll stick around a while longer. Welcome back.

The new member number encompasses all registrations. Almost all of those are spambots, however. November has been especially bad for spambots (like the early days, in fact); in the last couple of weeks, I've rejected about 300+ a day. I'd guess we get 10-20 real new members a month, usually. (And as best I can tell, DerekLoove is a legit registration, although the moniker is classically spammy.) If spam registrations continue at this pace for much longer, I'll be needing additional moderator help just to keep them in check.

At this point, I pretty much accept anyone registering with a university email address, or with a regular address (e.g. gmail) combined with what looks like a real moniker (unless it involves something clearly academic-y like 'prof', then they must also verify their registration). As far as I can tell, a plurality of spam accounts are using fake gmail addresses these days.
I know it's a genus.