Author Topic: PBK and other honorary societies: how active on your campus/in your town?  (Read 285 times)


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About twenty years ago, I was preparing a program on early education that I thought would be of interest to the PBK chapter in my area.

Trouble was, they barely existed.

Later, with some others, it was revived, I offered my program, and then it broadened to the point that the activities got so extensive (and expensive) I couldn't really participate any more.

But it was good to see it had been revived and re-grown to the extent it had: a prof in need of a wider service project for their tenure file took it on and got some funding for students to help cull email lists, do project planning and food support, etc.

I'm still on their email list and they're still doing quite well...there's a virtual game night upcoming that looks interesting, for example.

It just occurred to me, in passing, though, that other chapters may have gone moribund--or not--and discussion about that might be of interest as well.

So...have at it.

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